• Signalling · Plastic chain, white and red

  • Security Signalling · Black and yellow plastic posts in workshop

  • Signalling · Traffic cones

  • Accessories · Do it yourself frame kit

  • Plastic post and plastic chain for garden

  • Decorative plastic chain, brown or “copper” finish

  • Polythene polymer, raw material for CVM items


Mirco Bergamasco visits CVM (June 2018)

Road and Security SignallingThanks to their characteristics, CVM plastic chains can be used not only for road or security signalling but also for railways, sportsground, airports, camping sites, swimming pools…

There is a big range of colours and different finishes can be chosen, but especially for the quality of the manufactures, they have been used even in a “not conventional” way in fashion, in clothing industry and in furnishings: for example in window dressing, like a complement in modern urban design leather bags or to divide spaces in public places.

To complete the classical production of plastic chains and to follow our customer’s request, CVM has included new items for road and security signalling market like traffic cones and plastic posts with base of support.

This has allowed CVM to consolidate its own strength and dominant position in the market of the road and security signalling both to national and international level.

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