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Plastic Posts

coulored in their mass

Plastic postwith a diameter of 4 cm and a standard height of 90 cm. It is also available in 110 and 130 cm. It is used to support CVM chain in areas where it is required to move the barrier easily: parking area, sportsground, meeting area…

Available in either ONE-COLOUR (white or red) or TWO-COLOURS (white and red or yellow and black).

The plastic post is completed by a cap (available in black, white and red) with 4 eyelets to link the chain to the post. It is available with plastic, rubber and fillable base.

Triangular concrete baseTriangular base with a side of 29 cm filled with concrete as ballast.

Square rubber baseSquare base with a side of 27 cm, it is used in particular cases.

Round fillable baseRound platic base with an outer diameter of 30 cm; it is essential to support the post, fillable with water or sand. Convenient, light and easy to handle when empty.

Plastic Pole

for ground in plastic

Plastic polefor ground (plastic pole) with a diameter of 4 cm is supplied with a 27 cm sturdy nylon spike to insert the plastic pole in the land, in the sand, in the snow. The standard height, outside the land, is 60 cm, but it is also available in 80 and 100 cm. It supports the CVM plastic chain dividing areas in the gardens or in sporting fields.

The plastic pole in white standard colour is supplied with a white polecap and two eyelets link the chain to the pole.

Colonnina, basi e paletto

60 cm
80 cm
100 cm

27 cm

90 cm
110 cm
130 cm

87 cm
107 cm
127 cm

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