• Security Signalling · Plastic posts with chains and plastic plate with reflector

  • Signalling · Do it your self frame kit

  • Signalling · Special rubber stretcher used to fix the chain in two rows



Do it your self frame kit

assembly without using tools

Assemble parts making sure the two thinner pieces are assembled together to obtain the side where the board will be fit in. While assembling, the chain can be fastened to the knobs inside the corner pieces. The clips, used to fasten the frames on posts or any tubular structure, can be pressed on any side of the frame and slide to the desired spot.

The frames can be hung using the plastic chain, united for several messages and fastened on CVM posts for tubular structures.

Cornice componibile

Targhetta con rifrangente

Plastic plate with reflector

Plastic plate with reflector

Dimensions: 14 X 10,5 cm., reflector diameter: 6 cm.

Tend Eur

special rubber strecher

Tend Eur

Enables to fix chain to whatever type of posts in whatever position (height). Allows to fix the chain in two rows at various heights.

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